The role and expectations of business are being redefined. 

Sayers is determined to lead business and society forward by doing better things. We believe successful organisations of the future will be those that think differently about human, social and environmental capital and who are able to manage increased societal expectations, use of emerging technology and the evolving inter-dependencies between business, government and community.

New Service Model

Creating enduring value starts with a blank sheet of paper

Sayers Advisory & Investments is determined to differentiate itself from the status quo through the confluence of capabilities we offer, the alignment we build between our client’s success and our own, and in the culture we promote.   

To deliver on this promise and to address the changing needs of business over the next decade, we started with a blank sheet of paper. We are creating a new industry model for the delivery of advisory and investment advice drawing on the best attributes of professional services, investment banking, technology, private equity and venture capital houses. 

We service corporates, federal and state governments, private companies, start-ups and scale-ups. Each relationship is underpinned by trust and the value we deliver is powered by a combination of deep expertise and an entrepreneurial mindset.

It all starts with a conversation

Understanding and navigating the complex eco-system in which organisations operate is crucial. Sayers will help clients do better things’ and create long-term, enduring value by sitting at the nexus between capital both public and private, technology and government. Aligning our interests with a client’s long term success underpins a level of intimacy that has been lost in recent years.

Sammy Kumar


Our Capabilites

Our business has been determined based on market demand to better serve clients, to provide deeper insights and ultimately, unlock greater value.

The first five capabilities we believe we can make a meaningful difference in, are: Strategy and Deals, Infrastructure and Major Projects, Technology, Federal Government and Brand Momentum.

Today’s challenges can only be overcome through a blend of capabilities, engaged under a variety of employment models. Our business model enables us to swiftly assemble teams with diverse expertise from areas such as strategy, deals, artificial intelligence, robotics and analytics.

This agility is largely due to the strong technology focus that underpins our business, with over half of our partners having a technology specialisation. We want to reimagine the status quo and utilise technology at the core of every client assignment. To bring leading thinking and technology solutions from around the world, we work closely with our US sister company, the recently launched McLaren Strategic Ventures LLC.

Our Culture

Central to the success of Sayers, will be the culture and the people attracted to join the business.

Our business model does not create a complex, layered hierarchy. We ensure clients have access to industry experts who are supported by highly skilled, empowered team members.

What is resonating with candidates is the ability to work on projects they can be proud of.  Sayers will not take on work where our values aren't aligned, or projects just to keep our people busy. This means our culture is real, and why we have been able to attract such diverse talent.