Convening the power of the network through our partners

Our Partners

With trusted relationships at the heart of everything we do, we hand-select our partners for their values and expertise.

At Sayers, we know when delivering on end-to-end objectives for our clients that we often can’t do it alone. Partnering with the best specialists across a range of business capabilities helps accelerate progress and ensures we provide optimal outcomes. This is essential to our business model. Each partnership we create is based upon not only talent and proven ability to execute, but aligned values and trusted relationships. We are very proud of the Sayers ecosystem that we are building and the quality of the partners that we are working with.

"Combining ARQ Group’s innovative solutions in cloud, data, and digital with Sayers’ future-focused advisory allows us to provide a full spectrum offering. Our projects will contribute enormously to our local economy by impacting customer outcomes and growing talent." Tristan Sternson, CEO and Managing Director, ARQ Group

Sayers and ARQ Group collaborating on innovative and emerging technology solutions.

Having built a deep understanding of the Australian technological landscape over many years and having grown to 450 employees, ARQ is a leader in data, digital, and cloud, that deliver with passion and purpose. ARQ is recognised as one of Australia’s most innovative companies and best places to work. With strong emerging technology capability and a focus on delivering solutions with purpose, Sayers will partner with ARQ to bring 'the best of the best' digital experiences to clients across a variety of industries. Sayers and ARQ share a common belief about the evolving role technology and platforms can play in unlocking new value for clients.

“Unconventional times demand unconventional thinking, strategy, and solutions. We’re thrilled to be partnering with Sayers to help organisations modernise their application portfolios to deliver innovation and adapt more quickly to the accelerating pace of business change.” Ian Basser, Chairman, Clear Dynamics

Sayers and Clear Dynamics bringing enterprise-grade operational platforms to Australia.

Beginning in 2014, Clear Dynamics is emerging as a leader with successful case studies across multiple industries. Its platform uses a set of common software patterns and an AI-enabled operating system to reduce end-to-end delivery times. It enables the simplification of legacy technology and the ability to automate digital workflows with agility. Examples of this include digitising end-to-end loan or credit origination processes for banking and automating 'procure-to-pay' processes. Sayers and Clear Dynamics are united in the mission to close the gap between the promise of technology and how quickly its value is realised. 

"We are excited to partner with Sayers and leverage the decades of banking expertise brought in by the Sayers team. Together, we believe we can bring in true digitisation and significantly increase the top line and bottom line for our clients, with AI-enabled products customised for the bank's needs." Mariya George, Co-Founder and President,

Sayers and simplifying banking by leveraging advanced AI techniques.

Founded by global technology leaders in 2019 with headquarters in New York, is a game-changing, advanced artificial intelligence machine learning platform that enables banks to launch tailored products at a rapid pace. Its platform combines the power of consumer experience sensing, insights generation from data, and autonomous automation, all powered by AI. With this, seeks to transform banks into hyper-agile organisations that customers want to bank with, and that employees feel proud of. Sayers and will partner together to bring the latest in AI-enabled financial services products, such as the trade finance product, to Australia.

"EncompaaS and Sayers recognise the pressure organisations are under to meet complex regulations, relying on manual approaches and workarounds to get the job done. Our collective team deeply understands government and financial services. Combining this with our purposefully designed information governance approach, our platform reduces risk and disruption, enables benchmarking, and delivers business insights for our clients." Jesse Todd, CEO EncompaaS

Sayers and EncompaaS providing intelligent information governance to clients facing complex regulatory environments.

Founded in 2013 in Sydney, the EncompaaS platform is emerging as a leader in providing organisations with immediate visibility of its information, wherever content is created, stored, or disseminated, whether on premise or in the cloud. It ensures full compliance with increasing levels of enterprise data and data regulations. Built through a strategic relationship with Microsoft and Micro Focus, EncompaaS connects to various enterprise content repositories to analyse and visualise data patterns to provide insight into the content and allow better decision-making. The Sayers and EncompaaS exclusive partnership will focus on providing intelligent, automated information governance, enabled by machine learning and AI, to clients faced with complex regulatory environments.

"Enterprises and businesses globally are competing to offer their customers the best digital experience possible. A key enabler to achieve this is an end-to-end test execution platform on the cloud that should match their speed of innovation. This partnership between LambdaTest and Sayers enables just that and we are excited about what this future holds." Asad Khan, Co-Founder and CEO LambdaTest

Sayers and LambdaTest turbo charging digital transformations at speed and with quality across Asia Pacific.

LambdaTest is the fastest growing cloud-based test execution platform. Founded in 2017 with headquarters in San Francisco, LamdaTest allows users to run manual and automated web and mobile app tests across 3000+ different browsers, browser versions, and operating system environments. This is essential to meet the increasingly high expectations from consumers when it comes to their digital experience. Together with McLaren Strategic Ventures, Sayers will leverage its digital transformation expertise and networks to drive greater digital adoption with LambdaTest across the region.

“McLaren and Sayers are breakthrough companies founded with a shared vision. Together we amplify our ability to help scale-ups and start-ups grow sustainable revenues faster by applying essential innovation to enterprise and government challenges worldwide.” Sajan Pillai, Founder and Chairman, McLaren Strategic Ventures

Sayers and McLaren working closely together to bring leading thinking and technology solutions from around the world.

Both founded in 2020, McLaren's purpose is aligned to Sayers. Both companies are business accelerators with a focus on solving real-world problems through unlocking the value of technology. Sayers and McLaren share the belief that entrepreneurs hold the keys to unlock the value behind the greatest challenges of our times. Together, they strive to provide platforms that can be marketed and shared to an international client base, helping enterprises scale their businesses and achieve operational excellence.

"We are delighted to announce this partnership with Sayers as they bring together the best in strategy, customer-centered design, and digital transformation. Underpinned by SourseAI's patented augmented intelligence SaaS platform, we will enable brands in the subscription economy to drive machine learning outcomes and personalisation into the customer channels of engagement at scale." Matt Jones, CEO SourseAI

Sayers and SourseAI closing the gap between data and decision-making for executives on customer acquisition and retention.

Even with the vast amount of data available, managers still have to rely on gut feel to make crucial decisions. SourseAI is a decision augmentation platform designed and built for executives to support data-driven decision-making. SourseAI provides clients with decision support tools such as forecasting, prediction, and scenario planning, and prebuilt AI models for churn, yield, retention, and acquisition, converting data into +95% reliable predictions. SourseAI can deliver tangible value that can be scaled within 90 days at a lower cost. With AI models already built for telcos, the Sayers and SourseAI partnership will leverage the collective telco industry depth and network to deliver value and then branch into other sectors with subscription-based products.

"TeamForm facilitates high-performing teams that understand their shared goals and priorities. When teams perform, everyone benefits. Sayers, as a modern advisory firm, is an ideal partner for us. They deeply understand the new digital economy and why tools like TeamForm are key to driving extraordinary outcomes for their clients." Sam Yeats, TeamForm Founder

Sayers and TeamForm redesigning how people and objectives are organised to enable teams to create their best work.

With first-hand experience enabling organisations to embed agility into their operating model, TeamForm together with Sayers, will assess all facets of organisational complexity and create a clear, real-time view of people, the teams they belong to, and the objectives they are working on. TeamForm is a data-driven team management platform that helps leaders to plan, form, and manage teams to improve work outcomes and reduce costs. TeamForm facilitates high-performing, balanced, and fulfilled teams that understand their shared goals, accountabilities, and priorities. TeamForm uniquely and seamlessly integrates with HR, workforce management, and project planning systems to provide wholesale visibility of an organisation's teams and objectives. Sayers will partner with TeamForm to create an environment where teams can do their best work.

“The partnership is focused on bringing the two companies’ collective technology ecosystems together to solve their customers' most important challenges. We want to help make a real difference to customers where there are big opportunities to solve difficult problems and transform the way they do things - particularly in some industries that are ripe for transformation like logistics, retail, and transport.” Chris Smith, Executive Director, Telstra Purple

Sayers and Telstra Purple combining cutting-edge technology solutions to create enduring enterprise value.

Working with Sayers since its inception, Telstra Purple has delivered a range of next-generation cloud and technology solutions to Sayers to allow it to rapidly expand and keep up with demand. This has put in the digital foundations of the business as an example of what’s possible for a modern organisation. The partnership now extends to combine the portfolio of platforms and advisory expertise of Sayers, with the broad technology capability Telstra Purple can provide, especially in networks and cybersecurity. Sayers co-founder and CEO of Advisory and Investments, Sammy Kumar said the Telstra partnership would help solve problems facing different business sectors, such as a lack of digital and integrated processes, and value generation.