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We are a team of technologists on a mission to accelerate the adoption of the most valued and valuable technology. Our goal is to drive innovation and create possibilities.

What we do

Closing the gap between the promise of technology and its value for Enterprise and Government

Enterprise software is rapidly and continually evolving. This presents opportunities to better serve customers, create digital ecosystems, and transform business models. The successful adoption of this technology determines how well each organisation can compete in a global market.

The technology already exists to solve many of today's problems and create new opportunities, yet billions of dollars are spent implementing technology without the promised benefits being realised. We want to change this.

How we do it

We operate as a platform ecosystem that creates value through our network of clients, partners and technology.  

A platform is an interactive ecosystem enabled by software that connects people, process and data together to unlock value. Platforms are not only about technology - they are the next generation business model. 

Like any good platform model, we have two sides to the way we operate at Sayers.

Understanding your context and needs
Working with
Enterprise and Government, where technology and platform opportunities are sometimes missed, or where an uplift in productivity and efficiency to deliver end-to-end value is not optimised. We work with you to assess the opportunity, determine the right strategy/investment, and manage the implementation. 

At Sayers, we know major technology decisions impact people, processes, data, products, and importantly, customer experience. It's why we take a holistic approach to plan and manage change across each of these different areas to truly realise value.

Many transformations and technology programs fall short of driving the necessary business model, mindset and KPI changes. Effective execution of each of these ensures that the technology has not just been implemented, but is actually enabling value long term.
Maria Muir


I am passionate about working with government to achieve strategic policy objectives and deliver upon complex technology-enabled reform programs. Injecting new and emerging platforms will support the government to become more citizen-centric in its service delivery.
Ridhish Arora

Government and Major Projects Leader

Curating and investing in the best platforms and technology
We are building a global network of relationships with private and corporate venture capital teams and the enterprise software solutions they invest in. This gives us access to local and global emerging technologies whether that be value chain, workbench style or compliance platforms. This allows us to architect how the platform landscape fits together.

Sometimes we will invest directly in platforms, or we will partner to help them scale. Sometimes, we will localise them to increase their relevance or value to Australian businesses. Sometimes, we will build solutions on top of those platforms. Always, we will have skin in the game.

To check out the technology and platform ecosystem that we are curating, explore our partnerships. Our raison d'être is to create a shared value model for all. 

We're investing to help the best new platforms find their place in enterprise technology stacks. This can mean pre-building integrations, tuning machine learning models, or aligning the commercial construct to value.
Kate Huggins

Technology & Platforms Leader

There is a convening power in the network of Sayers and the access that it provides to different types of platforms globally. I am excited about using that power to bring together the next generation of capabilities and create value with our clients.

Why We're Different

Challenging the status quo and creating new quo to not just do things better, but to do better things.

  • Reducing the "time to value" from all technology investments
  • Forging privileged partnerships with new and emerging technology partners
  • Creating shared value models that see all players in the ecosystem shooting for the same goal
  • Convening value for our clients by leveraging our deep network of expertise 
  • Simplifying digital and technology transformations by assembling the right confluence of skills and advice
  • Proving we have skin in the game with value-based commercial agreements 
Unshackled from the status quo, we don’t go into a problem thinking about how the people we have can solve it. We ask what are the current issues and determine how we can solve it through our platform ecosystem.
We have an abundance of open, service-oriented, API-led, cloud-based technologies. This can be overwhelming. Clients are asking for smaller, more nimble engagements and demanding the best technology to meet their objectives. Our mindset is firmly on platform-enabled, "speed to value."
John Pickering

Ecosystem & Delivery Leader

On your side, guiding the way.

If you are asking yourself any of these questions, we can help.

I am driving the technology strategy and transformation program. Is there something that could deliver the outcomes faster, better or cheaper?
I am looking for technology and platforms to unlock new value in the ecosystem. How do I get started?
I am looking to start or assess an automation or digitisation program. Are they focused on the right area?
I am seeing a cottage industry of technology build up around a particular capability or value chain. How can I explore the platform potential?

Sayers Convenes on Tech

In October, we kicked off our Sayers Convenes Tech & Platforms community. We assembled 70 senior leaders from across Australia for an event to hear from experts Paul Bassat (co-founder Square Peg) and Kate Cornick (CEO Launch Victoria) and to have a conversation about how to accelerate the adoption of technology. Read our top takeaways from the event on our Insights page.

This is not just a community, we are convening change agents. This is not nice to have, this is a must.

If you would like to join, please contact Maria Muir ([email protected]).

I joined Sayers to challenge the status quo and to be part of building new quo. To curate a diverse and empowered team and to work with the Federal Government to design and deliver a more prosperous and sustainable future for all Australians.


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