We don’t just do things better, we do better things

Sayers is a modern advisory and investment business designed for the new economy. Purpose led and progress driven, Sayers is determined to be the much needed shift that will lead business and society forward.

Who We Are

Freed from conventional thinking, empowered by the future

Sayers was founded in 2020 by a team of talented and passionate professionals and backed by Australian and US private capital. We are a modern advisory and investment business purpose built for today’s new economy, to address the needs of our clients and the community in which we live. Sayers exists to be the catalyst for system change, to invest and nurture in the potential of people and technology, and to accelerate progress for all.
In creating Sayers, I wanted to build something future focused. Unconstrained from existing business models and enabling exceptional talent who are energised, empowered and committed, to make a difference. We are determined to deliver a meaningful contribution to our clients, our communities and Australia.
Luke Sayers

Founder and Executive Chairman

What We Do

Purposeful and progressive, we see what can be, not what is

Sayers proudly invests in people and truly values the power of enduring relationships. In the pursuit of ‘doing better things’, our team are empowered to look beyond the tried and trusted, the conventional and the expected to see what can be, not what is. In all aspects of our business, we apply our expertise and the best that technology can offer to guide and advise with integrity and purpose, to simplify the complex, and to solve problems others can’t. We provide a unique and valuable connection point between clients, business, government and the community to help them thrive. We love what we do and we’re passionate about making a difference.

Why We're Different

Proudly setting a new and higher standard of doing business

The status quo isn’t good enough. Born out of frustration with the slow pace of change and a lack of innovation and ideas, we created what we like to call . . .new quo_. Fundamentally, new quo_ is Sayers’ way of thinking and doing for today’s dynamic new economy, and it sits at the heart of our business. It’s a commitment to look beyond the expected, to challenge conventional wisdom and to see the possibilities the world holds. From everyday business to extraordinary solutions, we seamlessly blend the right people with the best technology, to deliver meaningfully better outcomes, outcomes that benefit all.

Our People

Hearts in, heads up and hands on

Frank, fearless and free, our people are empowered to be the best version of themselves. They are the guardians of the Sayers mission statement: “We don’t just do things better, we do better things” and they embody our values: relationships at the heart; progress over perfection; think free; do what you say and do good, be good. Our people stand up for what’s right. They recognise the value of enduring relationships and realise that trust, humility and an ability to listen and understand are essential in delivering not just better outcomes, but the right ones.


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