Family Advising

Family wealth advising is naturally centred on the family

What We Do

Sayers' Family Wealth team specialises in advising business families, entrepreneurs and wealthy families, working alongside families and their advisers to help them develop the skills and resources required to sustain their wealth across generations.

We help families to find the right structure and strategy for them, by developing and implementing plans that align and guide the family’s oversight and management of the family and it’s wealth. Our family wealth advising capabilities include:

  • Family strategy and governance
  • Succession planning
  • Family office
  • Wealth and investment strategies
  • Coaching and facilitation for effective family collaboration and leadership.

“In order for a family to successfully manage wealth, they have to attend not just to good financial practises but also address the family’s relationships, governance and communication. Our advising is not just focused on creating and preserving wealth but to empower you to thrive with wealth. We have practical ‘hands-on’ experience working both with the family as a whole and individual family members to prepare for and manage their shared and independent wealth."

Why We Are Different

Our approach to family wealth advising is distinct from traditional wealth management services as we bring together a team to support families with its investments, business and family strategy, as and when needed.

We work closely with families and it’s individual members to manage the allocation of wealth and in designing bespoke investment strategies that align with the family's purpose and needs.

Sayers emphasises the importance of developing strategies for the financial capital and ensuring the family does not underinvest in itself, allowing them to manage and steward their wealth for current and future generations.

Lead Partner

Jason Chequer

Jason is a Partner and Head of Advice, Family & Wealth. Jason has over 30 years of experience in financial services, advising some of Australia's most successful family enterprises and holding senior wealth management leadership roles. Jason works with multi-generational families, entrepreneurs and family business enterprises, consulting on the design, implementation and management of the family's wealth and stewardship strategies. Jason is a non-executive board member of the Inclusion Foundation.