Strategic Wealth Management

What we do

Sayers' Wealth team specialises in providing wealth advice services to high-net-worth individuals, ultra-high net worth families, professionals, and executives.

Our goal is to help clients put in place strategies to create and grow wealth, preserve and protect wealth and ensure a seamless transition of wealth to the next generation and beyond.

We take a holistic view in developing a clients wealth strategy with a focus on long term outcomes.

Our strategic wealth management capabilities include:

  • Investment strategy and portfolio construction
  • Tax effective structuring for investment purposes
  • Superannuation and retirement planning
  • Estate planning and wealth succession
  • Cash flow planning and management
  • Philanthropic structuring
  • Risk management and insurance

    “Our team prides itself in building the right pathway for clients to not just create wealth, but to preserve it for future generations. We value deeper conversations with our clients to gain a better understanding of what they ultimately want to achieve now and into the future. Educating along the way, guiding, and partnering with our clients is crucial to enhancing their experience and ultimate outcomes”.

    Why We Are Different

    We have purposely built a specialist team with the breadth of experience that can help serve the complex and different needs of our clients.

    We focus on building trust and long-term relationships with multiple generations and work closely with other professionals so that we always sit on the client’s side.

    Lead Partner

    Maria Paonessa

    A Partner in Sayers Wealth, Maria has accounting and wealth management experience that spans over 27 years working in Family Office and global wealth management, advising high net worth and ultra high net worth clients.

    Maria provides strategic wealth advice which focuses on helping clients build wealth, preserve wealth and pass it on to the next generation. Combined with investment strategy and portfolio construction, Maria also advises clients on investment structuring, superannuation and retirement planning strategies, estate and succession planning and risk management.