Federal Government 

Digital strategy and transformation with leading technologies to design and deliver better government services for all Australians

What we do

Sayers Federal Advisory team specialises in servicing the Australian Government and the Canberra business market.

We bring the rigor of a traditional consultancy, and the creativity, innovation and energy of a start up. We provide digital strategy, digital transformation, and the best of modern technology to solve complex problems. 

Our experience working with government and businesses around Australia, and indeed the world, enables us to convene the smartest ideas and the right technologies that deliver outcomes for our clients and position them for the future. 

As a team of Canberra natives, we have a deep understanding of the unique challenges facing government and local business, and how to harness the power of modern information technology to improve services, particularly for government. We provide a broad range of business advisory services to small to medium sized enterprises, to support them to take the next step in strategic growth. 

We pride ourselves on our collaboration, and true partnerships with our clients. Our work is underpinned by specialist skills which create value and deliver outcomes, unlocking the power of people, data, technology, creativity and innovation.

How we do it

Digital strategy

Maximising your opportunities through technology

Our team works alongside you to define a strategic approach that best meets your needs, and to understand the broader opportunities for technology in your business. We work with you, combining our technical expertise with your policy and program knowledge, to improve how your organisation interacts with your customers through technology. 

We will work with you to: 

  • define your business vision, mission and strategy
  • understand your business and user needs
  • ensure your services and digital products are user centred
  • align your technology plans and investments to business priorities
  • improve decision-making through structured and unstructured data, data analytics, insights and third party data enrichment
  • develop/refine your business case
  • simplify, rationalise and/or adapt legacy technology
  • scale up automation strategy and digitisation programs
  • introduce artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) into workflows

Technology Solutions

Delivering value through the best in modern technology

Identifying value and innovative technology solutions is what makes us tick, with a focus on delivering sustainable outcomes, in the short and long term, working with you to:

  • analyse and identify the best technology solutions to achieve your vision
  • leverage the best new platforms and technologies to accelerate the modernisation of your business
  • maximise the value of your technology investment, and identify how to create new value
  • develop proofs of concepts using the most innovative emerging technologies
  • develop and manage your technology procurement strategy
  • provide implementation and adoption support

Transformation and adoption

Supporting you through your technology transformation program

We know what it takes to get a project successfully delivered from start to finish, to achieve true digital transformation. Our team understand the complex interactions of the full project ecosystem, from community expectations and stakeholder management, to government and private sector engagement. Major technology decisions impact people, processes, data, products and the user experience -that’s why we take a holistic approach to truly realise value.

Working with you to:

  • define the business and operational models required to support your transformation
  • provide change and program management,  project directorship, stakeholder communication, and program assurance
  • digitise and streamline internal processes and systems to save time, increase productivity, and increase accuracy
  • improve your digital services such as websites and applications
  • orchestrate transformation plans, so you can focus on your vision and direction

Business advisory and strategy

Helping your business grow

Sayers is known for supporting small to medium sized businesses to take the next step of strategic growth. Through our senior team of experts, and our extensive network of investors, stakeholders, change agents and policy influencers, we provide a broad range of services to founders and executives across all geographies, domains and markets.

Working with you to:

  • expand your business, design your growth strategy, enter new markets and build market presence
  • identify new opportunities and your unique differentiators
  • grow your brand’s equity and marketing position
  • connect you to the right people to accelerate your growth
  • find the right capital growth strategy to take your business forward, including capital raising, trade sales and IPOs.
At Sayers, we do better things to challenge the status quo, and help organisations make better use of their technology stack. Technology is critical in solving the problems that will impact our future. I’m particularly passionate about automation and artificial intelligence, because they are key elements in delivering a viable and sustainable tomorrow. 
Madison Head


Why we're different

It’s the experience and quality of the team, our deep knowledge of technology, and the strength of our relationships.   

Our curiosity, creativity and technical expertise, and our market knowledge, enables us to do better things and challenge the status quo for government and local business. 

Through the Sayers network we have the convening power to bring together the right people from across the business landscape.

Our business model does not hinge on charging our people by the hour, but on delivering and maintaining the return on your technology investment, so we can be a long term partner in your success.

Work with us to plan successful projects, choose better vendors, deliver more value to business and users, and maximise your technology investment.