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Women helping women

By Maria Paonessa |11.28.2022

Women are becoming more prominent holders of wealth and we are seeing a new generation not only driving their own wealth journey, but also taking a more thoughtful approach around the purpose of their wealth.  Women are living longer than men and many more millennial women are taking the lead in financial decisions compared to baby boomers which is much lower.

Over the years as an advisor, I have come across many women who have had different opportunities and experiences and always encourage them to seek guidance from a trusted advisor that instils inclusiveness and willingness to educate, as women have often been overlooked. I have dealt with female widowers, divorcees, entrepreneurs, and professional females, all of which have different levels of experience when it comes to their financial affairs.

One of many positive experiences was meeting a widower in her 60’s, who had had very little involvement in the family’s financial decisions over the years. Following her partners death, she found herself trying to navigate various legal and tax structures and understand her investment assets. Not surprisingly she was overwhelmed and with education in mind, we began building a long-term plan.

Over the journey, we simplified her structures, reviewed and managed her investment portfolio, educated her on investment markets along the way and helped her gain overall, a better understanding of her financial affairs.  Also, part of the many discussions was guiding her on how to best provide for her children and put in place a plan that not only protected family assets, but also provided a planned structure around how these assets could be passed on in a tax effective and harmonious way. We had achieved a lot over the period, and it was very satisfying being part of her learning journey. Of course, all clients have varied needs and different challengers. Importantly, as it is never set and forget, continually reviewing their situation is key.

At Sayers I am committed to empowering women through inclusiveness, education, active guidance and being a trusted partner. Building a relationship takes time and it is personally rewarding being able to help women in all kinds of situations.