Investment Solutions Team

What we do

Our Investment Solutions Team are the investment specialists of the Sayers group. Building on extensive financial market knowledge and experience, the team designs portfolios and implements investment solutions to better manage client risks to achieve their investment goals. We employ sophisticated portfolio management techniques to actively manage asset allocation, portfolio risk, and identify investment opportunities that take advantage of market volatility.

Our investment management capabilities include:

  • A dynamic asset allocation framework with downside risk modelling
  • Bespoke discretionary multi asset and equity portfolios for clients
  • Tailored structured investment products to client’s risk appetites; and
  • Fund manager selection and private market opportunities
  • Develop and execute a tailored impact investing strategy  

“Market conditions are always evolving, and we are constantly assessing investment opportunities against their expected return and risk characteristics.  Our overarching goal is to be responsive to market pricing and take advantage of opportunities when they present themselves.  This is fundamental to striking the right balance between protecting our client’s capital and taking prudent investment risk”.

Why we are different

We have all the benefits of scale with the advantages of being a relatively nimble investment manager.  Having an inhouse team with over 70 years of combined institutional investment management experience is highly valued by our clients.  The team uses a proprietary risk management framework to simulate various market scenarios and assess the potential impact of adverse events on investment portfolios. 

We access global investment opportunities through our private banking partnerships, investment bank and fund manager relationships.  And our ability to do due diligence and execute on smaller proprietary and private market opportunities sets us apart.

Meet our team