Leading business and society forward

Our purpose is clear. We exist to be the catalyst for system change, to invest and nurture the potential of people and technology, and to accelerate progress for all. We strive to not just do things better, but to do better things; setting a new and higher standard of doing business. It’s an approach and an outcome that we call ‘new quo_’.

Who We Are

We exist to accelerate progress for all

We are standing at the edge of a new era of social, technological and economic change that will unleash a bold, new world. The time is now for a brave, new business to be frank and fearless; to fight inertia and unblock the system to accelerate progress. ‘Uncompromised’ by the past and emboldened by what the future holds, our purpose-driven team have an unwavering commitment to ‘do better things’ – for our clients, for business, and our community.

Sayers was founded in 2020, by a team of passionate and talented professionals and backed by Australian and US private capital. We are a modern advisory and investment business purposefully built for today’s modern ‘change-age’, to address and meet the needs of our clients and the community in which we live. Sayers exists to be the catalyst for system change, to invest and nurture the potential of people and technology, and to accelerate progress for all.

We are driven to not just do things better but to do better things. Underpinning Sayers is a core belief in a better way to do business; an approach that takes into consideration five key forces — social, environmental, cultural governance and commercial.  We believe in a new type of economy that is open, dynamic and entrepreneurial, while also being fair, locally rooted, and where everybody feels valued.

How We Do It

People. Technology. Empowerment. Purpose.

We believe business should be a force for good. It’s why we do what we say and why we’re passionate about working with the finest and most-talented people to ‘do better things’. So, how do we do what we do? We have four key pillars of progress.

The first pillar: Human beings at their best. To us, talent means real world expertise that’s genuine and authentic, it means possessing emotional empathy and an entrepreneurial mindset. We seek only the best talent from around the world; ensuring our performance, advice and delivery is world-class.

The second pillar: We live in a world of increasingly powerful and intelligent technology. What some see as a threat, we see as an advantage; a way of enabling great talent to perform at the highest levels. In today’s dynamic economy, speed of decision making and execution are critically important. Innovative platforms that leverage AI and ever-evolving algorithms help us be agile and make faster informed decisions, to deliver solutions more efficiently and effectively to our clients.

The third pillar: The best people empowered and enabled by the best technology is only part of the equation. Those people need a frank, fearless and free culture in which to perform. We place value on independence and integrity and believe that people who are free to be their whole selves can make better decisions.

The final pillar: Progressive and purposeful values. We believe these factors are the key to driving business and society forward. For people to give their best, they need to feel that what they do is positively contributing to society and the environment. This purpose-driven approach responds to what society needs, and better places us to succeed.

This is New Quo_

It’s time for new quo_

The evidence of dramatic change is all around us and it’s happening at exponential speed. In the world of business, some are fed up with the system and its lack of vision and progress. Business is clogged and talented people are frustrated; they want to embrace and drive change, but they’re shackled by the system and staid thinking. The new generation of Millennials, Gen Z and Alphas that will shape the future are demanding much more. A post-COVID-19 world presents us with an extraordinary opportunity to launch something new and different. There is a new world and new economy emerging on the other side of now; a generational opportunity to reset and re-think how we approach the future, rather than repeat the past.

Sayers is setting a new and higher standard for the way we do business. We call this new quo_, a concept born from a frustration with the status quo; the slow pace of change, the lack of innovation and ideas, and the bias to what is, rather than what could be. New quo_ is fundamental to our purpose of being a catalyst for system change. It’s a commitment to look beyond the expected, to challenge conventional wisdom and to see the possibilities the world holds, with fresh eyes. New quo_ is creative and innovative, progressive and purposeful, and represents an unwavering dedication and determination to ‘doing better things’ – for clients, business, government and the community.

At Sayers, I can combine my passion for emerging technologies and with the privilege of assisting Government to continually improve services for all Australians.