A truly comprehensive and integrated approach to family and wealth

Our expert team sits on your side of the table to guide and advise on the creation and preservation of wealth, allocating and managing financial and family capital effectively and responsibly.

Who We Are

We are a highly capable, considered and caring investment and wealth advisory business

We think differently about the support and resources needed to manage and invest private and family wealth. We believe the management of wealth goes well beyond investment returns and combine the personal touch of a private office with the capability and breadth of a global wealth manager.

Our team has an unwavering commitment to support owners and custodians of wealth prepare and manage their financial, business and social capital for the benefit of current and future generations. 

Relationships at the heart of everything we do; our team of trusted, collaborative, and expert advisers work with, and alongside, you to help with your decision making. With a focus on accountability and financial stewardship – for now and the future – we genuinely care about getting things just right for you.

“We have a deep-seated desire to do things in a better way.  Successful families and organisations are dynamic and responsive to changing business conditions and we have built an investment and advisory firm which is proactive and entrepreneurial.  Embracing change with agility and a willingness to learn is the key to success in today's investment markets.  We are successful when clients view us an integral partner supporting their activities.”

James Wright

CEO & CIO, Wealth


On your side, guiding the way

We have gathered a team of experienced advisers and investment professionals to provide proactive advice and access to a breadth of wealth solutions and global investment capability.  We provide:

  • Advice to families on governance, structuring and succession
  • Tailored investment strategies, solutions and products
  • Strategies to create, preserve, and grow wealth
  • Access to world class global private banks and investment managers

      Why we are different

      Unlocking the potential of your wealth

      What truly sets us apart is not only our range of capabilities to grow and protect your wealth, but also our team's extensive experience and unwavering commitment to being client-centric and caring in our approach.

      Sayers branding, technology and strategy & deals experts can grow your enterprise value through incredible business insights and engagements. 

      Our family advisers understand the importance of sitting on your side of the table, guiding the way.  Addressing relationships, governance, and communication within a family can be difficult but necessary to successfully manage wealth.  Our team ensures your have the right conversations as well as structures and plans.

      Investing is crucial to growing your wealth and our inhouse investment professionals act as your own private office specialists.  We have significant institutional money management experience across a range of markets and can make the complex seem simple for our clients.  And while we have market leading internal capability, we happily partner with others to provide our clients with the very best global investment solutions to build portfolios and reach their goals.

      We are your true multi-family office.

      “Our team takes great care in managing our clients' money and assets, ensuring their safe custody through some of the world's largest and highly regulated custodians. We understand that the intricacies of the financial system can be complex and our goal is to make transfers of capital and investments seamless for our clients. We take our responsibility to earn our clients' trust seriously, by executing flawlessly and providing them with the confidence their wealth and money is well looked after.”